A Gourmet Personal Chef
A Taste of Excellence
Chef Allanís mouth-watering meals please the eye and warm the soul. His charismatic personality makes people feel special, and his natural down to earth style is refreshing and appealing. You can experience Chef Allanís passion for food in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine all the effort that would be required if you planned your own Dinner Party. You write your guest list, decide on a menu for your special evening - and thatís the easy part. Now you must write a shopping list, do the shopping, set the table, arrange a centerpiece, prepare all the ingredients, get everything into the oven - and donít forget to get yourself ready before your guests arrive.

With a phone call to Chef Allan, all the arrangements, coordination, the shopping, extra chairs, table linens, how to arrange the room, centerpieces, setting the table, all the cooking, serving, and clean-up afterwards is done. Chef Allan takes care of every aspect of your special event while you relax and enjoy your own party.

Chef Allan provides you with the highest quality cuisine, prepared from the finest ingredients, served delightfully from the first hors-díoeuvre to the fabulous dessert! You can almost feel the love that went into preparing each and every meal because Chef Allan loves cooking.
Always remember, with Chef Allan, ďPersonal ChefĒ means personal service. Chef Allan is always delighted to prepare tasty meals to any dietary requirement, cook a favorite dish, design a custom menu, and makes child-friendly food guaranteed to delight the most finicky appetite. Chef Allan also accommodates unique time schedules and special circumstances, when only the most exacting service will do.